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The hospitality system for your restaurant

Manage your restaurant with the reliable, easy, and modern hospitality system Mr. Winston.

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A great guest experience

As the owner of a restaurant, you want to have a simple and comprehensive hospitality system, and that's why Mr. Winston is the perfect solution for you. You can easily integrate Mr. Winston with your favorite software, making the work of your entire team easier.

  • Process orders with your phone or tablet and send them directly to the kitchen.
  • Give your guests the option to use self-ordering and/or home ordering.
  • Work with kitchen screens for increased efficiency and better communication between the kitchen, bar, and service staff.
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Trusted by the best restaurants

5 stars on Google

Manage from a central location

Mr. Winston provides a decentralized management environment that allows you to have control over your restaurant from a central location.

  • Easily add new team members with their respective roles. Then train them quickly!
  • Personalize your floor plans for a perfect overview.
  • Accessible via the cloud.
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Keep calm in the most hectic moments

A great experience for your guests. That's what the hospitality industry is all about. With Mr. Winston, you stay completely in control at the most hectic moments.

  • Guests can easily make reservations both on and offline.
  • Internet connection broken? No worries! You can continue to serve your guests.
  • Offer guests something extra with the loyalty model.
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Integrations with your favorite systems

Together we are stronger. That's why Mr. Winston links with your favorite systems.

Modern and user-friendly

Easy, modern and reliable. Mr. Winston offers everything you desire as a modern hospitality entrepreneur. No worries, Mr. Winston works super easy!

  • Quick onboarding for new staff.
  • Integrate with all systems that make your life as a hospitality entrepreneur easier.
  • Rapid development of new functionalities.
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5 out of 5 stars

"If you are a hospitality entrepreneur looking for an efficient and user-friendly hospitality system with a good price/quality ratio, Mr. Winston is the best choice for you! Moreover, the personal service is great!"

Dave Smits
Owner Koffiehuis Rosmalen

No worries about expensive hardware

We run on everything! Do you go for expensive or cheap hardware? Both work for us. Do you want iOs, Android or Windows? All possible.

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Start with Mr. Winston

Mr. Winston is reliable, modern and easy. Experience the many benefits today.

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