Mr Winston

The most user-friendly POS system to manage your catering business

Experience the benefits of the flexible, accessible, yet extensive POS system of Mr. Winston. 

Mr. Winston is a comprehensive and easily managed POS system for catering businesses. Do you want to know more about the benefits of Mr. Winston? Just read on.

Trusted by 10+ catering businesses

Integrations with 20+ property management systems (PMS)

A seamless experience for your catering business, tailored to fit your needs.

As a catering entrepreneur you want an easy and complete POS system to offer your guests a great experience. Mr. Winston fits your needs.

  • Put orders on table or account
  • Accommodate your guests with our self-order module or with integrations
  • Great inventory management, for example for your specialty beer
  • Automated (day) reports
  • Maintain relationships with your guests through our loyalty module

Manage your catering business from one central location.

Mr. Winston offers a decentralized management environment to control your catering business from one single location.

Catering business
  • Quickly add users and specify their desired role
  • Personalize your floor plans for a perfect overview
  • Add a new location with the touch of a button
  • Manage your various menus and add them per location
  • Generate reports for a clear overview of data for each location
  • Accessible via the cloud

Offer your guests a unique experience

Communicate with guests as they desire. Always and everywhere.


  • Easy reservations for your guests, both on- and offline
  • Offer something extra to your regulars with the loyalty module 
  • Even when your internet connection is down, you will remain able to serve your guests!

A modern and user-friendly POS system

Extensive, fast and user-friendly. Mr. Winston offers everything you want as a modern hospitality entrepreneur. No worries, Mr. Winston is managed easily.

  • Quickly onboard new staff
  • Completely accessible via the cloud
  • Rapid development of new features 
  • Integrate with all systems that make your life as a hospitality entrepreneur or manager easier
  • A multitude of additional modules, for example, self-order, home-order, loyalty en reservations

Don’t worry about expensive hardware and complex operating systems.

We run on everything! Are you going for expensive or cheap hardware? Either way works for us. Do you want iOs, Android or Windows? We’ve got you covered.

Even if we deliver the hardware, a comprehensive cash register system starts from € 364, -.

Do you want to know more about Mr. Winston?

Dave Smits koffiehuis Rosmalen

"If you, as a hospitality entrepreneur, are looking for an efficient and user-friendly POS system with a good price/quality ratio, then choose Mr. Winston! Furthermore, the personal service is great! We are very satisfied."


Dave Smits - Owner Koffiehuis Rosmalen