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The best hardware for the hospitality industry

When you become a client of Mr. Winston, we make sure you are provided with the hardware to your needs. Terminals, kitchen screens, printers, drawers, tablets, mobiles and handhelds. At Mr. Winston, you can opt for an entire package, as well as individual hardware. Of course, you can also continue to use your current hardware.

Starting from 749,-


Secure yourself a great terminal (15 inch). Choose between the standard or design variant. All terminals are Windows/Android.

  • Durapos Standard 749,-. Powerful all-in-one system. Perfect for any counter, bar or counter. With 2 years SWAP warranty. Upgrade to Speed variant possible.
  • Poindus Varipos Design 979,-. A sleek and modern design that perfectly matches your interior. With 3 years warranty. Upgrade to Speed variant possible.
  • Durapos Speed 989,-. Not only sleek and modern, but also fast. In addition to Ethernet, WiFi is also possible. With 3 years warranty.
  • Sunmi T3 Pro 1199,-. The perfect option for restaurants aiming for the very best. A stylish design including, among other things, an NFC reader in the screen. 



Product screenshot

Starting from 859,-

Kitchen Screens (KDS)

Beautiful kitchen screens (15 or 21 inches) to streamline all processes in your business.

  • Durapos Standard 859,-. A beautiful touch display kitchen screen that can be used in the kitchen, behind the bar and customer facing. With 2 years SWAP warranty.
  • Durapos Speed 1279,-. Need an even faster screen? Then go for the Speed version. With 2 years SWAP warranty.
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Starting from 169,- & 59,-

Printers and drawers

Mr. Winston also takes the hassle out of buying printers and drawers.

  • Espon Printer 169,-. With an Epson you are sure of a reliable and fast receipt printer. With a 2-year warranty.
  • Durapos Drawer 59,-. A robust and electrically opening drawer. With 2 years SWAP warranty.
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Starting from 279,-


Android or Apple? The choice is yours. For a small additional charge, the tablet (10 inch) comes with stylish stand.

  • Samsung Tablet Galaxy Tab 279,-. A reliable and modern Samsung tablet at a favorable price. Consumer warranty applies.
  • Apple iPad 459,-. An Apple iPad has a high-quality appearance. Perfect for the Apple lover. Consumer warranty applies.
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Starting from 239,-


Android or Apple? Also for mobiles (6 inch) the choice is yours. Additional ordering of a case is possible.

  • Motorola Moto Mobile 239,-. The Motorola is a reliable and favorably priced mobile. There is a consumer warranty.
  • Apple iPhone 839,-. If you prefer Apple, the iPhone 12 is a great choice. A consumer warranty applies.
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