Tired of adding a new location with ‘mandatory’ on-site installation? Slow new developments, resulting in too little data that you can really do something with? Why can’t POS systems just be easy?!

At Mr. Winston, we know the tricks of the trade and our strategy is proving itself more and more every day: Online & convenience is the future, also for cash register systems and especially now. That is why we are happy to share a number of major updates with you that make the lives of dealers, customers and consumers even easier.


Automatic printer recognition

To reduce support and installation and improve speed, Mr. Winston now automatically detects printers connected to the network. All you have to do is give the printer a name; a child, or a customer, can do the laundry! 


Experiencing the many benefits of Mr. Winston is now even easier for hospitality entrepreneurs. Within a few minutes you can click you demo together for free and without obligation via https://backoffice.mrwinston.nl/license. To realize a working POS system in no time, all you need to do is import your products. In order to improve onboarding, the entrepreneur will receive one e-mail per day in the first week in which functionalities are explained. This way we and our dealers can save time!

Dealer dashboard

A new customer, an extra location and upgrades now go completely through the dealer dashboard. It is arranged at the touch of a button, even without on-site installation. 


In several ways, Mr. Winston gets in touch with consumers. The data created here will provide fantastic insights, which we will be happy to share with our customers!


The consumer can now place reservations online himself, but of course reservations can also be added by the staff themselves, e.g. if you are called.


Self-order is now possible via Mr. Winston. All the consumer has to do is scan a QR code, or navigate to https://mrwinston.app/ to arrive at the right restaurant via location provision and select a table. Self-order without table number is also possible. Guests can do a pick-up at the bar with a (QR) code for verification.


Make your hospitality business ready for both delivery and takeaway. This way your guests can order from home at their favorite restaurant.

GRM: Guest Relationship Management 

Contact moments with the consumer are aggregated in our GRM, so we gain insights into and offer the opportunity to stay in touch with your guests in a targeted manner. 


Through a personalized online environment of Mr. Winston, consumers can now also order products from you. These can be picked up or delivered at home. So having a separate webshop is no longer necesarry.

Mr Winston


Production screens

With the production screen, digital work orders are displayed on a screen. Actions can also be performed on this so that you can easily keep an overview. You can create multiple production screens. It can also be used for takeaway. 


With the invoicing module, invoices can be created based on one or more accounts. These can be printed or sent by email.


Hotel system

We integrate seamlessly with various hotel systems. This allows us to offer a total solution for hotels:

  • RoomRaccoon
  • Piccotello
  • Mancloud / Lobbi
  • Mews


We also integrate with multiple parties for payments

  • Adyen
  • myPos
  • PayNL
  • Blocktrail


We integrate with Exact for accounting, but we can also send automated daily, weekly and/or monthly reports for other packages.