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The future of ordering

At Mozo, we go beyond standard QR ordering systems. Our technology is designed not only to meet today's needs but also to anticipate tomorrow's challenges. Discover how Mozo transforms your hospitality business with these advanced features.

The benefits

Linking Mozo with the hospitality system Mr. Winston has many advantages.

Smart Upsell and Cross-sell

Mozo's AI-driven system analyzes ordering patterns and guest preferences to make targeted upsell and cross-sell suggestions, increasing your average order value without disrupting the guest experience.

Communication and engagement

Keep customers engaged with updates on upcoming events, interactive games, promotions, social media activities, and available job openings, all through our simple and customizable interface.

Revolutionary Menu Display

Our platform supports dynamic menu display with options for allergen filters, vegetarian or halal choices, detailed product descriptions, and even interactive gifs. This ensures an engaging and informative ordering experience.

Why Choose Mozo?

Choose Mozo and provide your customers with a seamless, integrated experience that enhances efficiency while delivering unforgettable service. With Mozo, your catering business is not only equipped for today but also for the future.

You can try Mr. Winston for free for as long as you want. You don't have to enter any payment information to do so.