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Complete ordering solution

Smartendr is an online ordering solution within the hospitality industry that supports its customers in working more efficiently. Their mission is to deliver the highest possible return on investment to their customers with the best possible customer experience. As a comprehensive solution, they can meet any request: from QR ordering to takeaway, and from delivery to ordering kiosks.

The benefits

The integration of Smartendr with the hospitality system Mr. Winston has many benefits.

Menus and updates are taken over with just one click.
All orders placed through Smartendr are automatically recorded in Mr. Winston
This results in time savings, efficiency, and centralization of orders.

A great solution for the hospitality industry

Connect Mr. Winston with Smartendr for a complete solution for the hospitality industry. Time savings and centralization of orders for your hospitality business.

You can try Mr. Winston for free for as long as you want. You don't have to enter any payment information to do so.