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A user-friendly backoffice

A backoffice that makes your work easier instead of more complicated. That’s what the backoffice of Mr. Winston offers you. The configuration is simple. This way you can make changes to your menu without any problems. In addition, the backoffice always gives you insight into the financial performance of your business.

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Easy configuration

As a hospitality entrepreneur, you want to be able to make changes quickly and easily to your POS system, such as the table layout or menu. With Mr. Winston, this becomes a reality.

  • No more needing to ask for help from your supplier.
  • Easily and quickly make changes from one central environment.
  • Modify prices, products, or menus with just a few clicks.
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Trusted by the best hospitality businesses

5 stars on Google

Real-time insight into financial performance

With Mr. Winston, you get real-time insight into your financial performance. This way, you can instantly see if you're having a successful day.

  • Structured and clear graphs and charts.
  • Insight into revenue, costs, and operating results.
  • Insight into best-performing categories and products.
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Insight is progress

By gaining insight into revenue and profit per product, category, and time period, you can steer your establishment towards better results. The robust back office gives you the opportunity to become even more successful.

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5 out of 5 stars

“If you as a horeca entrepreneur are looking for an efficient and user-friendly horeca system with a good price/quality ratio, then Mr. Winston is the best choice for you! Moreover, the personal service is great!”

Dave Smits
Owner Koffiehuis Rosmalen

Integrate with your favorite software

Together we are stronger. That’s why Mr. Winston integrates with your other favorite systems.

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Start with Mr. Winston

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