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Boost your customer loyalty and turnover with gift cards

Issue your own gift cards in your restaurant, bar or hotel with Mr Winston's gift card module. With this simple extension of your range, you not only ensure guaranteed turnover, but also build loyalty among your guests.

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Gift cards as a showcase for your hospitality business

By issuing gift cards, you can promote your hospitality business in a smart way. Gift cards not only bring in new guests, but they also encourage existing guests to come back more often. By encouraging guests to celebrate special moments in your hospitality business, you also build a strong bond with them. The result? A measurable increase in loyalty and turnover.

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Trusted by the best hospitality businesses

5 stars on Google

Personalised and easy

Gift cards by Mr. Winston are shaped according to your wishes. This way you can create a great gift for the holidays, a birthday or a thank you. On top of that, it's really easy.

  • Choose your own design for the gift card
  • Place an amount of the guest’s choice on the card
  • Get insight into the issued gift cards
  • The recipient pays (part of) the bill with the gift card
  • Pay quickly by scanning the gift card
  • The gift card is automatically processed in the cash book
  • Guaranteed revenue for you!
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Easily issue and redeem gift cards

Mr. Winston's gift card module creates a unique code for each gift card. Do you still have gift cards lying around? You can keep using them by writing the code on them. You redeem and process the gift cards by scanning them. In addition, our module provides insight into the issued gift cards.

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5 out of 5 stars

"Mr. Winston is a Dutch company, the team came over to see the possibilities and the communication was much better. That gives confidence."

Ralph Kappé
Owner of starred restaurant Monarh

Choose the gift card module in your package or start from €25 per month

Issuing gift cards is easy. Choose the gift cards module in your Mr. Winston package or add the module for €25 per month. Have your own personalised gift cards printed and the system does the rest. We can also introduce you to a gift card supplier.

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Start issuing gift cards

Boost your customer loyalty and turnover with Mr. Winston's gift cards module

You can try Mr. Winston for free for as long as you want. You don't have to enter any payment information to do so.