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Join the trend: make the move to kitchen displays

WMore and more hospitality businesses have made the move to kitchen displays. With Mr. Winston’s kitchen displays, you too will keep up with the latest developments and be ready for the future. Countless hospitality entrepreneurs have gone before you, will you join them?

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Improve communication between kitchen, bar and service

Many hospitality businesses have switched to kitchen displays to achieve better communication and a faster turnaround time. Give your chefs the tool for better kitchen management too. That way, you realise peace, structure and speed. All for a good price.

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Trusted by the best hospitality businesses

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Go for peace, structure and speed too

Our kitchen displays give you all the tools to make future-proof and optimal kitchen management a reality.

  •  Digital receipts for both kitchen and bar
  • Overview of incoming, prepared and served orders
  • Improved communication with colour codes
  • Dragging and rearranging receipts
  • Breakdown of different courses
  • Directly request the next course
  • Possibility of retaining printed receipts
  • Allow several workstations to work simultaneously on one order with coupon routing
  • Allow preparation, cold side, hot side and serving to send receipts to each other
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Take a look at other kitchens

We understand that the step to kitchen displays can be a big one for chefs, as they are familiar with their current working methods. That's why we'd like to take you to a hospitality business with Mr. Winston kitchen displays. That way, you can experience the benefits with your own eyes and ask all your questions to the chef.

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5 out of 5 stars

"Before, I was a bit hesitant about kitchen displays, but now I can't work without them. It brings structure to the kitchen and internal communication is faster."

Restaurant Zjuu

Start with kitchen screens from €50 a month

Kitchen displays don't have to be expensive. At Mr. Winston, you choose the hardware you want to work with. We supply this at cost price. In addition, you can start using our kitchen display software from just €50 per month.

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Start with kitchen displays by Mr. Winston

Improve communication between your kitchen, bar and waiters

You can try Mr. Winston for free for as long as you want. You don't have to enter any payment information to do so.