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Speed up service with Self-Order

Improve your service with Mr. Winston Self Order. With Mr. Winston self-order becomes one of the options for your guests. This way you provide your guests with extra service and you save time and personnel costs. All your guest has to do is scan a QR code, then choose their table and make a choice between all the items on your menu.

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Self-Order at the table

Your guests take a seat at their favorite table in your establishment. By scanning a QR code, they quickly gain access to the entire menu. They can then place an order themselves. Soon after, your staff will serve the order.

  • Faster turnaround time as guests place their own orders.
  • Save on staffing costs.
  • More time for your staff to focus on providing a great guest experience while serving.
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Trusted by 500+ hospitality businesses

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Self-Order for pickup

Self-order can also be used for pickup. The guest places an order from their table. When picking up the order, the guest can show the corresponding QR code. This allows for further optimization in terms of time and staffing costs.

  • Additional savings on staffing costs.
  • Increase the throughput speed in your establishment.
  • A seamless experience for guests and staff.
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Increase the order value

An additional benefit of self-ordering is the ability to increase revenue. Research shows that guests tend to have a higher order value when using self-ordering. Furthermore, you can integrate upselling strategies into the ordering process.

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5 out of 5 stars

“If you as a horeca entrepreneur are looking for an efficient and user-friendly horeca system with a good price/quality ratio, then Mr. Winston is the best choice for you! Moreover, the personal service is great!”

Dave Smits
Owner Koffiehuis Rosmalen

Integrated in no time

Are you worried about integrating self-ordering into your establishment? Don't worry! Our team is here for you and will work with you to ensure a seamless integration. You will experience a smooth integration of self-ordering.

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Start with Mr. Winston

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