Card payments

 You want to be assured of a smooth and streamlined payment process. Mr. Winston integrates with Adyen, myPOS, Blocktrail, Viva Wallet and PayNL.

PayNl integratie

Hotel systems

Are you a hotel owner? Then of course you want your POS system to integrate with your hotel systems. RoomRaccoon, VIPS CloudPMS, Lobbi, Mews and Redforts’ Oscar integrate seamlessly with Mr. Winston.

VIPS Cloud PMS Integratie
Lobbi by Mancloud

Self-order, delivery, takeout and loyalty

Self-order, delivery, takeout and loyalty are almost indispensable in the hospitality industry. Mr. Winston not only has its own modules to streamline these processes, but also integrates with Jamezz (self-order), Takeaway (delivery and takeout) and Walnut (loyalty).


Accounting is probably not your favorite task, but of course necessary. Integrate with Exact Online and Fiskaly to ensure a link between your bookkeeping and cash register system.

Personnel, inventory and kitchen management

Mr. Winston offers a complete solution for your hospitality business. Integrate with Shiftbase (personnel management), Easy-Dish (inventory management) and Annoncer (kitchen management).

Market Insights

With TAPP you use data to your advantage to make a difference. Your data is translated into clear insights and compared with other hospitality businesses.

Tapp x Mr. Winston