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Boutique Hotel De Bungelaer – A Warm Experience

Amidst the rustic landscape near the Kraaijenbergse Plassen in Beers, the beautiful Boutique Hotel De Bungelaer shines. Here, guests truly unwind and enjoy a cozy atmosphere surrounded by nature. The team at De Bungelaer aims to convey a unique experience, and they absolutely succeed. As Mr. Winston, we are proud to contribute to this top-notch location alongside our partners.

Warmth for the Guest

“Hospitality is about entertaining; the guest must be delighted,” says Paul van der Mark, the entrepreneur behind De Bungelaer. “That’s what we achieve here. As a guest, you are surrounded by warm colors, both inside and outside in the Nature Gateway where the hotel is located. When you come here, you relax and have a great time. That’s the experience we aim to create here.” These words from Paul are immediately evident when you enter. The transition from outside to inside is perfect, and the hotel restaurant radiates warmth.

Exceptional Service

But creating a great experience is not limited to just decor and ambiance, of course. It’s the staff and the service that truly convey this experience to the guests. “It’s in the little things. Our logo on the water bottles and wine glasses. A 0.5L bottle of water instead of 0.25L. A guest who can comfortably sit in a nice chair during check-in and is warmly welcomed. Sincerely thanking the guest upon departure,” says Paul from the Bungelaer.


IT entrepreneur Remo Vloet assisted De Bungelaer in selecting these software systems. “We are delighted that De Bungelaer has chosen us and our partners. By providing a user-friendly system and seamlessly integrating with our partners, we ensure that employees can focus on what really matters: conveying the experience of De Bungelaer,” says Koen from Mr. Winston.

Continual Improvement

Of course, we don’t stand still. Since before the opening of De Bungelaer, we have been receiving valuable feedback from the team, which we gratefully use to further improve the system. Paul is pleased with how this feedback is being addressed: “The feedback is taken on board immediately. This makes me feel like we are taking steps together and making the software work even better for us.”

By Dion