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Buon Gusto – An Authentic Italian Experience in Brabant

In the center of Bergeijk, a village in Brabant, you’ll find Buon Gusto. A charming, authentic Italian restaurant. During the summer months, guests transport themselves to a village in Italy while enjoying a glass of wine on the terrace. As Mr. Winston, we take pride in contributing to the unique guest experience that the Buon Gusto team manages to create.

At the Birth of Mr. Winston

Paul Theus, the owner of Buon Gusto, played a crucial role in the birth of Mr. Winston. Around 2013, Paul was a hospitality manager at Camping de Paal. He often found himself irritated by the outdated and non-user-friendly cash register system. Employee Koen jokingly said he could program a better system, and so it happened. When Paul decided to venture into entrepreneurship in 2022 by taking over Buon Gusto, the choice for a cash register system was easy.

Authentic Italian Experience

Creating an authentic Italian experience is what matters most to the Buon Gusto team. When we see the terrace at Buon Gusto, we immediately taste this experience. It’s a fantastic location for an Italian restaurant. “We also convey the Italian atmosphere through our extensive selection of wines. That’s one of the points where we truly stand out,” says Paul.

The interior of the establishment also contributes to the Italian atmosphere. The windows allow plenty of natural light. The wine bottles, the use of photos, and the tables all add to the Italian feeling.


According to Paul, one of the significant advantages of Mr. Winston is its user-friendliness: “I don’t really need to explain anything to anyone. You get to know the system in 5 minutes. That’s also what Koen and I focused on during the development of the first version.” Paul also finds the Backoffice very easy to use: “You don’t need to be tech-savvy. For example, I can make adjustments quickly. With many other POS systems, you have to call support to change the layout.” Additionally, the team is satisfied with the payment terminals from Mr. Winston’s partner, myPOS: “Those are also very pleasant to use.”

The Customer is King

Something that Paul is very enthusiastic about is how the Mr. Winston team handles feedback: “Throughout the past year, I’ve given quite a bit of feedback. This morning, I realized that all of these feedback points have been addressed by the Mr. Winston team. That’s incredibly gratifying.”

By David