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Mr. Winston reviews

't Koffiehuis - Quality Coffee in Rosmalen

Since 2020, 't Koffiehuis has been the place for quality coffee in Rosmalen. Guests can enjoy specialty coffee and (homemade) sweets while chatting, meeting each other, or working in peace. As Mr. Winston, we are pleased to provide the Hospitality Point of Sale System for this successful coffee bar.

A place for quality coffee

Manager Fijalyn has had a passion for the hospitality industry, especially coffee establishments, since high school: "Back then, I enjoyed visiting coffee bars. During an assignment where we had to come up with our own business, I chose a coffee bar. Now, I also spend a lot of my free time with coffee." 't Koffiehuis is, therefore, a perfect match for Fijalyn. In collaboration with Sampietro Specialty Coffee, the establishment offers a wide range of quality coffee.

In addition to quality coffee, you can also find pastries, a small lunch menu, or the popular homemade banana bread at 't Koffiehuis. 

A personal connection with guests

't Koffiehuis has many loyal customers. A personal connection is important to the team: "Many customers come back weekly, or even daily. We know who they are and what they order. This creates a bond," says Fijalyn. Thanks to this personal connection, 't Koffiehuis provides a personal and unique guest experience.

To provide an even better experience for flex workers and businesses, ‘t Koffiehuis offers the possibility to rent meeting rooms. Here, you can work hard while enjoying some snacks and drinks. This makes 't Koffiehuis a beloved place in Rosmalen for a wide range of people.

The POS is very easy. Products and additional options can be added effortlessly. The back office with statistics is superb. When I started at 't Koffiehuis, I quickly gained insight into the figures from previous years.

Fijalyn de With

Manager Koffiehuis Rosmalen

A powerful back-office

When asked about the major advantages of Mr. Winston, Fijalyn is very enthusiastic about the back-office: "I have daily insights into the revenue and see how much of each product has been sold. For example, I can determine whether our special of the month should have a permanent place on the menu. The back-office also helped me a lot when I started; I quickly gained insights into the performance of previous years."

Ease of Use

In addition, the team at 't Koffiehuis is very pleased with the user-friendliness of Mr. Winston. Products and additional options can be easily added by themselves. We at Mr. Winston are delighted with the success of 't Koffiehuis, which is reflected, among other things, in excellent Google Reviews. We would definitely recommend a visit.

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“Mr. Winston was the best-priced solution. In addition, the turnover is now super fast. Against Sparta Rotterdam, we set a revenue record.”

Storm Witberg

Hospitality manager Excelsior Rotterdam

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“Mr. Winston is a Dutch company; the team came by to explore the possibilities, and communication was much better. That inspires confidence.”

Ralph Kappé

Owner Monarh

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“I don't really have to explain anything to anyone. In 5 minutes, you understand the system. The back office is also very easy, making adjustments to your menu or layout is done in no time.”

Paul Theus

Owner Buon Gusto

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