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Brunch & Borrelbar Zjuu – Cozyness at the Leijpark

Brunch & Borrelbar Zjuu is a cozy hospitality venue located near Leijpark in Tilburg. Here, guests can enjoy a drink or a delicious meal after a delightful stroll. During their visit, they can relax on the terrace and savor the beautiful view or immerse themselves in the modern interior of the establishment. Since its opening, Zjuu has been partnering with Mr. Winston, and we take pride in equipping this fantastic venue in our hometown Tilburg with our high-quality software systems.

Owner Ruben had previously worked with Mr. Winston with great satisfaction in his first hospitality establishment. When he decided to open a second venue, the choice for a Hospitality Point of Sale system was a no-brainer: once again, Mr. Winston was the chosen solution.

At Zjuu, they utilize various modules offered by Mr. Winston, ranging from QR ordering to the Point of Sale system and from kitchen screens to loyalty programs. This is why we paid a visit to Zjuu to showcase how Mr. Winston operates at this outstanding hospitality venue. See it for yourself:

By David